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April 2016 Archives

Local commercial real estate merger announced

This blog recently discussed details of business mergers in Louisiana, and a recent local real estate company merger is being described as a reunion of sorts, as the smaller company now merging was part of the larger company in the 1980s. The financial details of the deal were not released. The merger will include 10 commercial real estate employees merging into the larger real estate company. However, the residential real estate side of the smaller company merging will remain independent.

Understanding the ins and outs of a business merger

The goal of business mergers for both buyers and sellers is to create a company that brings the value of both businesses together. When a merger is well-executed, it can be positive for both of the companies that are part of the merger. A well-executed merger in Louisiana can enhance the capabilities of the resulting company, increase its shareholder value, reduce costs and create better operational efficiency.

Knowing how to respond to business disputes in Louisiana

Commercial real estate and business transactions can be exciting opportunities with many complexities. However, sometimes even with careful planning, business and commercial transactions can result in conflicts and disputes. Commercial real estate transactions and commercial real estate disputes can include many challenges, as can any business transactions ranging from the protection or exposure of trade secrets to the sale or purchase of goods.

Planning for business exit strategies in Louisiana

There may come a time for a business owner to exit a business that he or she has carefully built throughout the years. There a number of different methods in Louisiana for exiting a business. Methods of exiting a business can include going public, selling the business or transferring ownership of the business to a family member. Many business owners become so focused on growing their businesses, which is important, that they fail to develop exit strategies for their business.

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