Knowing how to respond to business disputes in Louisiana

Knowing how to respond to business disputes in Louisiana

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Commercial real estate and business transactions can be exciting opportunities with many complexities. However, sometimes even with careful planning, business and commercial transactions can result in conflicts and disputes. Commercial real estate transactions and commercial real estate disputes can include many challenges, as can any business transactions ranging from the protection or exposure of trade secrets to the sale or purchase of goods.

Not many individuals or businesses want to be involved in commercial real estate litigation, however, when one arises, it is important to have the proper guidance to help protect valuable interests. Commercial real estate and business disputes can arise related to trade secrets, collections, labor lines, contract breaches or nonperformance of contract terms.

In addition, disputes may arise related to the purchase and sale of property, land development, leases or other disputes concerning commercial real estate. Disputes may also arise concerning shareholder disputes, partnership disputes, breach of fiduciary duty or in circumstances of competing corporations. When responding to real estate disputes, it is important to work with someone, such as an attorney, who has knowledge of the process and can guide an individual through the various requirements associated with the transaction.

Commercial real estate transactions, business transactions and disputes can all be challenging but are also an everyday part of life. Therefore, it is important to understand the legal aspects and options available to help ensure an appropriate result is reached. The legal team at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, maintains a website on commercial real estate transactions that may be a good source of information for Louisiana business owners.