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May 2016 Archives

Franchise purchase agreement leads to Louisiana contract dispute

A franchise agreement has led to a recent lawsuit in Louisiana. The lawsuit alleges breach of contract, as well as other claims. The nature of the claim is a franchise contract dispute. The man who brought the lawsuit asserts that he paid over $60,000 in franchise purchase agreement payments and met with the parties he brought the claim against over a period of several months concerning the franchise purchase agreement. The franchise purchase agreement is for a company that performs oil change services.

The importance of the best business form cannot be minimized

This blog recently discussed the importance of carefully selecting a business form that meets the goals and needs of the business and also talked about limited liability companies as one example of a business form. The selection of a business form has important implications for how the business is run, how liability is determined and can have tax and other consequences as well. It is helpful when the business form selected is aligned with the characteristics of the business and those involved in setting the business up.

How do I set up a limited liability company?

The selection of a business form when starting a business is important. There are a number of different business forms to select from. While you may be aware of how important business formation is, you may also have questions about which form is best for your business and how to go about setting up your business once you decide which business form is best for you. For example, you may wonder how to set up a limited liability company. A limited liability company is a common business form that provides several benefits.

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