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Attention should be paid to contract formation and enforcement

This blog recently discussed how thoughtful contract formation may be able to help reduce or eliminate contract disputes down the road. Continuity and cohesiveness through the negotiation and formation of a contract is helpful but it is also helpful to know how to manage a contract relationship and enforce a contract if there is a breach.

How to draft a contract to help minimize disputes

It is never fun dealing with contract disputes, though sometimes they may need to be addressed. Planning and thoughtfulness during the contract negotiation, drafting and formation process can help prevent problems and contract disputes from occurring down the road for many small businesses. A problematic contract can cause significant disruption and costs for a business so it is helpful to not only know how to respond to contract disputes but also to know how to properly execute a contract as well. Some tips for contract formation and avoiding contract disputes can be useful.

Careful planning is helpful when starting a business

For some individuals, starting a new business can be a positive career and financial move. It is helpful, however, to conduct careful planning and execute a carefully prepared business plan. Individuals starting their own businesses are not alone but should approach the process of starting a business with as much knowledge as possible. First, it is important to know what type of business you want to start and begin a business plan keeping in mind that a service business is less costly to start than a product-based business.

Baton Rouge land purchased to develop urgent care clinic

Commercial real estate development can provide opportunities for communities and businesses. An investment group recently purchased a piece of land, a little over an acre in size, in Baton Rouge. The group plans to build an urgent care clinic.

How do I make a re-zoning request for property?

Zoning laws are an important part of the commercial real estate process. Each zoning category corresponds with the intended use of the property. Real estate may be zoned as residential, commercial, industrial or for office use in residential or businesses districts. You may, however, have wondered if zoning regulations can be modified and how the re-zoning process works if you are interested in a property but need it to be zoned for a different use than how it is currently zoned.

Understanding asset-based lending

When making a commercial real estate acquisition, starting a new business or exploring a business growth opportunity, funding those ventures may be an understandable concern. It is important to understand funding options and one possible source of funding is asset-based lending. In the most basic sense, asset-based loans are based on assets which serve as collateral for the loan. Assets typically include accounts receivable and inventory.

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