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The value of understanding real estate transactions

Commercial real estate transactions can be unpredictable and complex. A measure of predictability may be possible when the process is well understood and guided. When a real estate transaction escalates to a dispute, which may also sometimes be the case, it may be possible to negotiate a resolution, however, sometimes litigation may be necessary to resolve the dispute.

How to approach successful contract negotiation

The contract negotiation process can be challenging but it is an important process that can impact the success of contractual relationship and a business. Understanding how to negotiate contracts can help create a positive approach to the process and achieve a positive outcome--a contract that is good for the business and guides important business relationships.

What are different business merger options?

If you are considering a merger for your business, you may wonder what the different merger options are. There are, in general, 5 different types of mergers including a conglomerate merger; a horizontal merger; a market extension merger; a vertical merger; and a product extension merger. The type of merger is determined by the economic function of the merger, the purpose of the transaction and the relationship between the two companies that are merging.

Baton Rouge apartment complex purchased by local investors

Real estate transactions can present exiting growth opportunities for companies, businesses and investors. A group of Louisiana investors recently purchased an apartment building for nearly $1.8 million. The investors purchased the Baton Rouge apartment complex from an out-of-state company. The apartment complex has 68 units, including one and two-bedroom units. A party involved in the deal noted there is significant redevelopment in the area and other properties may also change hands. The East Baton Rouge Redevelopment Authority is also involved in projects in the area.

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