The value of understanding real estate transactions

The value of understanding real estate transactions

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Commercial real estate transactions can be unpredictable and complex. A measure of predictability may be possible when the process is well understood and guided. When a real estate transaction escalates to a dispute, which may also sometimes be the case, it may be possible to negotiate a resolution, however, sometimes litigation may be necessary to resolve the dispute.

A variety of issues can come up during a commercial real estate action, including breach of contract, construction problems or construction defects. In addition, it is important to properly plan for, and draft, purchase agreements and knowing how to effectively negotiate leases is an important aspect of commercial real estate. Additional issues related to real estate litigation may also arise and it may be necessary to proceed with quiet title actions; foreclosures; evictions; or perfecting a confirming a prior tax sale.

Each real estate transaction is different and may present its own challenges and complexities. Real estate transactions are also oftentimes beneficial for individuals and businesses, including small businesses. Because each phase of the process of closing a real estate transaction has important legal implications, it is important to be familiar with the ins and outs of the process and to know how to address each challenge. Being able to readily respond at each phase as the process unfolds can help lead to a successful transaction.

Preparedness for effectively managing a real estate transaction can be key to leveraging commercial real estate opportunities for the benefit of a growing company. Whether buying, selling or otherwise, knowledge of the process is always essential to help secure success.