Construction contract results in contract dispute in Louisiana

Construction contract results in contract dispute in Louisiana

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A lawsuit was recently filed in Louisiana seeking damages in relation to a construction project and alleged breach of contract. According to the lawsuit, a commercial building company filed a claim against an architectural company for breach of contract. The commercial building company contracted with the architectural company for architectural services related to a particular property.

The lawsuit asserts that the architectural company was not properly licensed to perform its duties under the contract but did not inform the commercial building company that it was not licensed to do so. The architect is also accused in the lawsuit of failing to include important details in the work it performed. In addition, according to the lawsuit, the architectural company enlisted a contractor to perform a portion of the work and the contractor did not complete the work it was hired to do.

The commercial building company asserts that the architect was professionally negligent and breached the contract between the parties and is seeking damages as a result. When a contract is breached, and there has been a violation of contract terms, it can result in significant disruption to a company, its business relationships and economic well-being. It is important to understand the different options for responding to a breach of contract and the remedies that may be available to the aggrieve party. Based on the circumstances, and the goals of the party, it may be helpful to negotiate through the breach or it may be necessary to bring a legal claim for damages.

Regardless of which way of handling the breach of contract is best in the circumstances, the legal process is designed to provide options to help individuals and businesses facing breach of contract circumstances. As a result, it is important that a party harmed by a breach of contract is prepared to effectively respond and protect their interests.

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