Owners of Baton Rouge business seek re-zoning for property

Owners of Baton Rouge business seek re-zoning for property

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The owners of an old restaurant building in Baton Rouge are seeking to have the property re-zoned. The property is currently zoned for light commercial use. The owners of the property are seeking to have it re-zoned as a restaurant with alcohol sales. The owners stated that if the property is re-zoned, they will have greater opportunities to rebrand it. A representative for the real estate company that owns the building noted that the ability to sell alcohol expands the potential uses for the property and opens it up to a greater number of business concepts.

The property has reportedly not changed hands and has been vacant since the end of 2015 when the previous restaurant’s lease on the property ended and it was vacated. The rezoning request was recently submitted to the city’s parish Office of the Planning Commission. The Baton Rouge Office of the Planning Commission will vote on the rezoning request soon. Zoning laws are important for the success of many businesses which is why it is important to understand them, their implications and how they may be changed.

Zoning laws govern the permitted uses for land. In general, zoning categories can include residential, industrial and commercial. Zoning laws can specify the types of building permitted, restrictions on accessory buildings, the size and height of buildings that is permitted, floor area, building setbacks from streets and other boundaries, the location of utility lines and other specifications. Zoning laws may also include land-use restrictions related to the number of buildings on a lot, minimum lot area, frontage of lots, front, rear and side yards, off-street parking and additional considerations as well. Zoning regulations must be reasonable and can be challenges and re-zoning requests may be granted in certain circumstances.

Zoning laws can have a significant impact on a business so it is helpful for business owners to understand the ins and outs of zoning laws. Carefully understanding the impact of zoning laws can be vital for the success of many businesses.

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