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Understanding how a business plan helps get a company started

Understanding how to make a business stand out from the crowd is important to any entrepreneur starting a business. It is essential at the outset when starting a business to determine what market the business is targeting and why that market would be interested in the product or service being offered. It is also important to determine if the benefits being offered by the business are aligned with customer needs. Focusing on products, services and customer needs can help create a niche and a well considered business plan can help do all of that.

Large Baton Rouge commercial real estate property on the market

A lot of thought can go into a successful commercial real estate transaction. In Baton Rouge, 725,000 square feet of retail and office space recently went up for sale. A total of 4,000 employees work for various tenants in the center. Tenants include insurance companies and businesses such as construction companies, mortgage companies, engineering firms, a technology incubator and a communications company that owns its property at the center of the complex and others. The center has maintained 80 percent occupancy for the past 10 years.

Property owner brings contract breach claim against contractor

A property owner in Louisiana has brought a lawsuit against a contractor he asserts failed to complete the work he was contracted to perform up to adequate standards. The property owner alleges in his lawsuit that he contracted with the contractor for a construction project on his property. The construction project was for the construction of a steel structure. According to the lawsuit, changes were to be made to the steel structure and though the contractor stated that the changes were made, the property owner discovered they were not. As a result, the property owner was required to hire additional workers to remedy the condition created by the contractor.

What is venture capital and how can it help my business?

There are different methods of financing business, real estate and other growth opportunities for your company. You may have heard of venture capital as a method of financing but may be unsure exactly what it is. Venture capital is a type of equity-based financing that may be best for entrepreneurs starting out a business. Venture capital can help start-up businesses that may be unable to obtain traditional financing, such as financing from banks and public markets, because of their size, assets or nascent stage of development.

Understanding the important role contracts play

It is important not to take contract negotiations and the process of drafting a contract lightly. Contracts serve an important role of commemorating an agreement between parties and setting out the rights and obligations of parties typically involved in a business relationship or transaction. The business relationship may be ongoing so it can be important to ensure the contract accurately reflects the agreement between the parties.

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