Property owner brings contract breach claim against contractor

Property owner brings contract breach claim against contractor

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A property owner in Louisiana has brought a lawsuit against a contractor he asserts failed to complete the work he was contracted to perform up to adequate standards. The property owner alleges in his lawsuit that he contracted with the contractor for a construction project on his property. The construction project was for the construction of a steel structure. According to the lawsuit, changes were to be made to the steel structure and though the contractor stated that the changes were made, the property owner discovered they were not. As a result, the property owner was required to hire additional workers to remedy the condition created by the contractor.

The property owner is seeking damages for breach of contract, negligence and unfair trade practices as a result of the contract breach. A violation of contract terms can create significant financial injury for the non-breaching party to a contract. Parties who have agreed to conduct business together rely on the rights, responsibilities, obligations and remedies that are commonly outlined in a contract. It is important to have a contract that clearly reflects the agreement of the parties, but also to know how to respond in circumstances of a contract dispute.

When promises contained in a contract have not been met and a contract breach has occurred, the non-breaching party may suffer financial and other damages associated with the breach of contract. There are different approaches to addressing a contract dispute and a legal claim for damages is one option to consider when contract terms have been violated. It is important for business owners to understand how contracts are formed and enforced and what remedies are available to them if they have suffered a breach of contract.

Contracts are an essential part of the business world and contribute to the success of many businesses and business relationships. To that end, business owners should be educated concerning how to effectively draft, execute and enforce a contract for their business.

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