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October 2016 Archives

What is a labor lien and how can it impact my business?

For individuals and businesses in Louisiana who are engaged in commercial real estate and development, issues with contractors, building projects and labor liens may arise. Questions concerning what a labor's lien is and how it can impact your business may come up from time to time and understanding how a labor's lien works can be important. In general, a labor's lien is a lien placed on property by a contractor or other vendor who has performed work on the property. The labor's lien is used to ensure the contractor receives payment on the contract for the project.

Branch banks in Baton Rouge acquired by new company

Acquisitions and mergers are often important growth opportunities for businesses. An out-of-state bank is acquiring banks in Louisiana and Florida. The total cost of acquiring all the banks in both states is $33 million. The acquisition will give the parent company $1.6 billion in assets in four states, including Louisiana.

What should I consider when starting a business?

The entrepreneurial path can be challenging but rewarding. This blog recently discussed business plans which are important but it is also important to note that there are a number of important steps to be familiar with when establishing a business. Initially, most businesses start with brainstorming ideas. New entrepreneurs may be focused on providing a product or service they are passionate about or filling a gap in the market. It is important to evaluate your competition and understand how you can provide a superior product or service.

Knowing how to address a breach of contract is important

A breach of contract can result in serious financial injuries to the non-breaching party. The non-breaching party may be an individual or business and a breach of contract can cause harm to them and may also cause harm to business relationship, as well as causing harm to business interests.

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