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January 2017 Archives

Louisiana restaurant seeks to grow through expansion

Franchising opportunities are an option for business expansion. Recent reports note that a popular gourmet hot dog restaurant is expanding in Louisiana and another neighboring state. It was also reported that the restaurant chain has an eye on expansion into Baton Rouge and the entire south over the next five years. The restaurant chain intends to expand through franchises and corporate-owned restaurants. The CEO and president of the company, who is a certified franchise executive, noted the importance of the Baton Rouge market to the restaurant chain.

Baton Rouge tenants sue landlord for lease breach

Contract relationships are important in any business setting. As a result, it is important that they are honored and that the parties understand how to enforce them when they are not. Baton Rouge tenants have brought a lawsuit against their landlord asserting the landlord did not honor lease terms contained in the lease between the parties. The tenant company filed a lawsuit against the landlord asserting a breach of the lease terms.

How do I acquire a new business?

Acquiring an existing business is an opportunity for growth or even an avenue to consider for starting your own business. In either circumstance, it is important to understand what you are getting into and to be familiar with how to acquire a business. Some tips and guidance can help the business owner to conduct the acquisition.

Business owners should understand contract law protections

Contract law is an important part of any business. Many aspects of a business are impacted by contracts and contractual relationships. Most business relationships are governed by contracts and it is a good idea that they are. It is also important to understand how to negotiate, draft and execute the best contract to describe the business relationship at hand. Contracts outline the rights, responsibilities and obligations of the parties towards one another. In doing so, they help protect the long-term future and success of the company.

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