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February 2017 Archives

Baton Rouge sports store acquires major league bat manufacturer

Acquisitions are, in general, excellent expansion opportunities for any company to consider. A Baton Rouge sports store recently acquired a big league bat manufacturer in another state. The company being acquired makes custom wood bats. A representative for the Baton Rouge sports store noted the acquisition adds to both the sports company's culture and balance sheet. The sports store expects to accelerate growth of the bat making company in all product categories. Both sides, the acquiring company and company being acquired, were positive about the acquisition.

Understanding venture capital and how it works

One of the primary concerns for entrepreneurs starting a business is start-up capital. Financing a start-up company is essential, which is why it is useful for entrepreneurs to be familiar with different options for financing their start-up business, how they work and the important legal implications that may be associated with each. One financing option to consider is venture capital. Start-ups that are funded through venture capital typically cycle through four phases.

Legal resources help businesses with challenges they face

When entering into a commercial real estate transaction, everyone expects the best but it is important to also plan when things go wrong and not according to plan. Unfortunately, commercial real estate transactions can sometimes go awry and may lead to litigation. As a result, it is important to be prepared to navigate the legal steps associated with a commercial real estate transaction and also to understand how to respond if problems with the transaction do arise.

Important elements to remember when writing a business contract

When entering into a business relationship, it is important to give a great deal of thought to the relationship and the contract that will be drawn up between the parties commemorating the relationship. A well-drafted contract can protect the businesses and business relationships involved and outline the obligations and rights of the parties. It is important to take the right approach through the contract negotiation, formation, execution and enforcement process.

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