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April 2017 Archives

Three options for selling a small business in Louisiana

Small business owners play a big part in the local economies of many Louisiana cities and nationwide. Some small businesses are passed down through the family, generation after generation. Others are sold to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, who are interested in carrying on a successful business. In either situation, it is important for small business owners to know that they have options when it comes time to sell their business.

Will a contract dispute cause some cable channels to "go dark?"

Whether they like to watch professional sports, educational programming or reality television shows, all cable television customers have their favorite channels and programs. Paying monthly for cable television is often well worth it for those in Louisiana who want to access these channels. However, some cable television customers may find their favorite channels have "gone dark," due to contract disputes.

Is the Louisiana commercial real estate bubble going to burst?

It used to be the thing for teenagers and other shoppers to do -- hang out at the mall. Malls had a variety of stores, so just about anyone could find one they liked. However, recently, malls and other commercial retailers have been suffering financially.

Don't forget these steps in the dissolution of a business

Many entrepreneurs in Baton Rouge spend years cultivating a successful business. However, there may come a time when a person decides that he or she wants to dissolve the business. No matter what the reason is behind the dissolution of the business, it is important that the process be completed with all the proper formalities. The failure to do so could have unwanted tax or liability consequences.

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