How could zoning laws affect sale or purchase of real estate?

How could zoning laws affect sale or purchase of real estate?

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When thinking about a commercial real estate transaction, it isn’t the average sale or purchase of a residential property that the average Louisiana resident may encounter. Commercial real estate can be purchased or sold for a variety of reasons and price points: from the smallest sale or purchase of land or a large acquisition or sale in the millions of dollars. There are plenty of reasons why a business may want to explore these options, most important for the reason of moving the business forward.

The sale or purchase of property can be regulated by a variety of factors. One of which, being zoning restrictions, that affect where businesses can carry out their daily activities. In short, certain areas may be off-limits based on zoning laws. There are ways to determine if your business could fall victim to a real estate deal in which zoning laws could negatively affect your business. One of such ways is to research the local and state zoning laws in your area of business, pertinent to your commercial real estate business transaction.

Other than area, zoning laws can impact your business based on certain factors like noise, waste management, building appearance, parking and air quality. Depending on your business, these regulations could be seriously impactful if not even detrimental to a business. If certain zoning laws are in effect, it could impact businesses, especially those in the sectors of manufacturing or similar industries. Other businesses in other industries may not have these concerns.

That’s the thing about owning or managing a business: It is up to the person in charge to make these big decisions. But one shouldn’t feel that they need to do it alone or in an uneducated fashion. There are ways to foresee these issues, as the law is a written code that applies to everyone equally. Think about this before purchasing or selling land or property related to your commercial real estate needs.

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