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September 2017 Archives

Timing is everything when selling a La. small business

Trying to understand just how much your business is worth on any given day can be difficult. Owning a business doesn't mean a person has a grip on actual valuation of a business. This is because a business's worth is based on a variety of factors including assets, liabilities, potential growth and market conditions, to name a few. So in short, that's totally normal not to have an accurate number, but rather a range, of what a business might be worth.

Baton Rouge real estate broker makes acquisition

With the real estate market booming in many areas, it is a good sign for the rebound of the economy. Beyond that, it helps for those employed in that area of business and for those who own real estate firms to prosper and grow. One Baton Rouge firm seems to have no problem with their growth and expansion. Berkshire Hathaway has acquired Wayne Clark Realty.

Labor lien could affect the sale or purchase of property

Purchasing or selling a property, structure or other commercial property is a process. Depending on the property, a commercial property could come with a slew of responsibilities or aspects to consider whether you are buying or selling. If you are buying, you naturally want to be especially cautious that the property you are buying is sound and ready to be taken ownership of. One thing that could stand in the way of this is a labor lien, if one exists on the property or structure.

Determining the right business formation plan is important

For a person, or a group of people, who have decided to take the leap and start a business, congratulations, it's a big step! Some people starting a business will be experienced in the planning and formation process, based mostly on prior experience and for some the experience will be brand new. However, regardless of experience, each process of planning a business formation plan will be different. This is based on a variety of factors that can include industry, zoning requirements and even tax obligations.

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