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November 2017 Archives

The sale of a property is about more than just price

Whether selling or buying commercial real estate or residential real estate, there are many factors at play. Of course, price is always at the forefront of both sellers' and buyers' minds, and rightly so. However, there are many other factors to consider when selling or buying a property that are important in the way that price is important. It's important to give these factors consideration, regardless of whether you are on the buying or selling side of a Louisiana real estate transaction.

Seized properties for sale in online auction

When it comes to real estate, generally, the available properties for sale are priced at a competitive value for the market. This gives a standard to salable properties that one can expect to pay more for more property for better features. Whether for the sale of residential properties or commercial properties, this tends to hold true. However, occasionally there are instances or opportunities in which a person can purchase a property for less than market value.

What is there to know about forming an LLC?

Whether starting a business or reorganizing an existing business, there is much to consider about this decision. Using the proper formation for a business can make all the difference and give your business a competitive edge in the beginning. Since over half of all new businesses fail, one could use any advantage they can take ahold of. One advantage for a new business could be an LLC business formation.

What are exit strategies to retirement for small business owners?

There is something special about building something and seeing it succeed. This is true of anything in life, but especially if you have built a business from the ground up. Any business owner knows that it takes much blood, sweat and tears to see it succeed. As with anything that has grown and matured, a person may decide that it's time to move onto the next facet of their life, like retirement. What are the options for exit strategies pertinent to a small business?

Mergers and acquisitions could mean competitive negotiation

Business is business, or so they say. Often being a manager or owner of a business can come with instances of competing interests and situations in which businesses collide. If your business is looking to merge or be acquired or acquire another, there are often situations of have or have not. This is because these instances force companies to barter, negotiate and set terms that benefit them.

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