The sale of a property is about more than just price

The sale of a property is about more than just price

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Whether selling or buying commercial real estate or residential real estate, there are many factors at play. Of course, price is always at the forefront of both sellers’ and buyers’ minds, and rightly so. However, there are many other factors to consider when selling or buying a property that are important in the way that price is important. It’s important to give these factors consideration, regardless of whether you are on the buying or selling side of a Louisiana real estate transaction.

For sale of commercial property, the factors may be slightly more complex than residential real estate. This is mostly just because commercial property is sold with the intent of the buyer to conduct business out of the property. Whether manufacturing or selling, storage or office space for employees, businesses are required to uphold standards that affect people, consumers and the industry as a whole. That’s why when one is buying or selling commercial real estate, one needs to consider the factors that most impact their business and their business’s industry.

For a paper processing plant, their needs for a commercial property are going to be vastly different from those of a financial firm looking for office space to conduct meetings and a place to house their employees and their daily activities. State and federal regulations may govern your day-to-day activities, or they may have a smaller impact on your daily decisions. Beyond that, a business may have complex trade secrets that should be taken into consideration. These factors could drive the price of a commercial property up or down, depending on who’s interested.

At the firm of Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we know just how complex the process of procuring or selling commercial real estate can be. Understanding how price relates to other factors of a sale is pertinent to whether you are able to buy or sell in a straightforward, timely manner. Naturally these processes do not happen overnight, but there is a right and a wrong way to approach the process. The best route may not be the most obvious route in the sale of a property.