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December 2017 Archives

Thinking of merging with your business competitor? We're here

Whether you own a small business, a medium sized business with several locations or a large multi-national firm, you are always thinking of ways to improve and grow your business. Sometimes, growth and progress can come when a business merges with or acquires their competitor. It's a good way to corner the market for sure. Whatever your thinking behind a merger or acquisition, the experts at Dale M Maas Attorney at Law are here to support it.

Trade secrets should play a factor in sale of property

When a person thinks of a successful business strategy, what comes to mind? A catchy advertising or marketing strategy helps as does a sought-after product or experience. But what is the special something that can set a business apart from their competitors? If a business has that special something, sometimes known as a trade secret, they should protect it and give it the recognition it deserves during the sale of a property.

Two banks merge to become 3rd largest in Louisiana

Sometimes people don't realize that banks have other responsibilities beyond securing an account holder's money and providing loans when needed. While these are admirable day-to-day operations for the average bank, banks are also a business that need to make money. They have profit structures, expenses and try to draw new business just as much as any other industry. Two Louisiana banks have merged to become the 3rd largest bank in Louisiana.

What issues may arise and cause a contract dispute?

An agreement between two companies, written and signed with contractual acceptance can be the start of something great. When multiple businesses work together, it can be a profitable and mutually beneficial experience. However, sometimes the relationship between two companies in contract with each other goes sour. What issues may arise between two companies to cause a contract dispute?

Source venture capital to grow business, buy commercial property

Venture capital was a phrase thrown around often in the 90's in association with the 'dot.com' craze. However, venture capital didn't die with that financial trend. Rather, venture capital is alive and well both as a source of business building in the Baton Rouge area and as a source for achieving ownership of a commercial property in order to better operate and grow a successful business. There are several ways to source venture capital, whatever the goal of your business.

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