Source venture capital to grow business, buy commercial property

Source venture capital to grow business, buy commercial property

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Venture capital was a phrase thrown around often in the 90’s in association with the ‘’ craze. However, venture capital didn’t die with that financial trend. Rather, venture capital is alive and well both as a source of business building in the Baton Rouge area and as a source for achieving ownership of a commercial property in order to better operate and grow a successful business. There are several ways to source venture capital, whatever the goal of your business.

If you goal is to purchase commercial real estate, that is a great reason to source venture capital. However there may be any reasons a business needs to raise funds. In the start-up phase, seed capital is sought. It’s called seed capital, because it is meant to be planted to grow into a bigger and better investment as the company matures. Angel investors could also make themselves known if there is a mutual interest between investor and company.

Lastly, it may be possible to seek funding from local city or state governments. Depending on the industry and/or a business’s needs, cities have been known to attract companies to the area as a way to grow the economic health of the city (i.e job, taxes etc), that will eventually roll into the city. In the early stages for a business, these sources of capital could prove to be a make it or break it opportunity for a Baton Rouge business.

Buying and investing in commercial property is just one huge accomplishment for any business. Whether small or large, new or old, all business needs some sort of space to conduct its business (no pun intended.) Buying commercial real estate can prove to be a great investment for the business in the long term. Consider how venture capital and purchasing a commercial property could be connected.

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