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January 2018 Archives

Draft a smart purchase agreement for commercial real estate

When two or more parties come together and agree to do business or to partner together to achieve common goals, the entire process from start to finish can seem somewhat intimidating. Sometimes, parties in a commercial real estate transaction have little to go on at first, sometimes, just a smile and a handshake. This is especially true if looking to begin a project related to the development or construction of commercial real estate. When the agreement begins to take shape, there are a number of measures a party can take to protect themselves in these situations.

Give new businesses a head start with a business formation plan

Many say it's the American dream to start a business and be self-employed. There is something nostalgic about this goal that many have and want to accomplish in their lifetime. Whatever the business, it's good to make a plan (or several plans) that help to outline the goals and aspirations of the business in the short or long term. One of the first plans a business owner should consider making is a business formation plan.

Oil-rich land sells for $87M

A large land parcel has sold to an undisclosed inventory in the Louisiana Austin Chalk play region. This region, well known for its rich oil deposits, has been on the radar for those looking to purchase commercial real estate. While the buyer is currently 'undisclosed', it is reported that they have significant experience in drilling.

What are the necessary steps to dissolve a small business?

It's a known fact that many businesses fail. The business landscape can be a competitive and difficult place to grow and thrive. Sometimes, things happen outside the business' control that greatly impact its ability to be successful. However, failure is not the only reason to dissolve a small business.

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