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March 2018 Archives

Contract clauses you many want to consider

When two or more parties come together and decide to make a business deal, the next step is to make a contract that goes over all the details. The contract will entail the expectations and responsibilities of each party to the deal. There are other things to consider, especially in relation to breach. A good contract will contain what to do about instances of breach of contract to simplify and expedite an already unfortunate situation.

Helping you resolve contract disputes

The business world can be rather complex. Even when a simple deal is made in Louisiana, much paper work will likely be involved. This means that the parties to a business deal or agreement must be aware of the terms and details of the documents that they sign. Unfortunately, things could get overlooked or forgotten, resulting in issues down the line if the terms of a contract are not followed.

What steps are required to close or dissolve a business?

Whatever the reason behind the closing of your business doors, it requires more than simply 'closing up shop.' Much in the way that one must organize financial, legal and other aspects of a business when starting out, one must come full circle on these aspects when closing or dissolving a business. The closing of a business could be a happy time, or it could be a more tumultuous time related to a business' inability to make a profit over a prolonged period of time. Either way, there are requirements for any business closing its doors.

Baton Rouge shopping center is latest commercial property sold

There has been lots of revitalization in the Baton Rouge area over the last several years. Both residential and commercial real estate has seen an uptick. This includes the recent sale of Goodwood Village Shopping Center, originally designed by the renowned Baton Rouge architect, A. Hays Town.

Labor liens and their potential impact on the sale of a property

When it comes to labor liens, the details and laws vary by state since they are governed under state law. In Florida, a labor lien can have a huge impact on the sale of a property. Whether buying or selling, the involved party will want to know how a labor lien could impact the sale of the property in the short and long term. Many may be unfamiliar with what a labor lien is, so it's a good idea to cover the basics.

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