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April 2018 Archives

Five types of construction defect claims

Imagine you buy a newly constructed home, move your entire family in and then the first rain of the season hits the home hard. Suddenly, the windows and roof are leaking and you feel like you're living under a waterfall. This is not how a newly constructed home should behave in a heavy storm; the contractor that built your residence clearly did something wrong.

The process of merging or acquiring a business

One way to grow a business is by merging with another business or acquiring an existing business. The process is similar to beginning a new business but can also provide a head start. It is important to keep in mind when merging businesses or acquiring a business to protect the existing business. When considering a merger or acquisition as a growth opportunity, it is important to understand each and the differences between the two.

Major merger planned for Louisiana

This blog recently discussed the importance and helpfulness of mergers and acquisitions when growing a business and the important steps to take when endeavoring through a merger or acquisition. A recently announced major merger deal between a satellite phone operator in a nearby Louisiana community about an hour east of the Baton Rouge area helps to illustrate that. The satellite phone company will be merging with a landline company in a $1.65 million merger deal.

Which business structure is best for my business?

Choosing the best business structure for your new business is an important step which is why you may have many questions. Determining the best business structure depends on the current needs of the business and the long-term goals the entrepreneur has for the business. Different business forms have different tax consequences, reporting requirements and liability implications so it is best to know which is right for your situation.

Baton Rouge commercial real estate and the 'Amazon effect'

Commercial real estate has seen its fair-share of changes in the Baton Rouge area in the last year. With consumer trends pushing for e-commerce-based amenities and convenience, the average brick-and-mortar retailer continues to be affected. Just in the last year, large retail stores have been cutting back commercial real estate space all over the country, including those in Baton Rouge. What does this mean for commercial real estate space in Baton Rouge?

What is a breach of contract and what do I do about it?

The legal process encourages parties to freely contract with one another for the mutual benefit of the parties. Contracts are important for many businesses, business relationships and the health of the businesses in question. At times circumstances may change in a business relationship and a business may find itself facing a breach of contract which can be devastating to a business, making it important to know how to respond.

Shareholders, others can be affected by merger or acquisition

Is it time for your business to merge or expand? Maybe the market and your company's position make it a key time to seek out a merger or acquisition strategy. Many factors can impact whether such a business move will go smoothly and in your favor. While there are always surprises, it's how you and your business plan for those potential unfortunate situations during big business decisions, like mergers and acquisitions, that can help steer a business to a more favorable outcome.

The importance of selecting a business form

There are a variety of important and, sometimes, complex legal considerations when setting up a business. Selecting the right business form is an important consideration that the importance of can sometimes be overlooked. Different business forms have different laws governing how they are structured, how the business is conducted and important legal liability implications as well. In addition, different business forms have different tax implications that should also be carefully considered when selecting a business form.

Baton Rouge bid contracts to be released for 2018

Part of a healthy economy for a city is a blend of businesses, both large and small, to service the area and create revenue, jobs and an economic infrastructure. Baton Rouge is no exception to this and is home to many businesses, both small and large. The mayor wanted to give more equal access to both types of businesses for commercial projects and other similar bids the city seeks for project. That's why the city is releasing a list of city projects in advance.

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