Baton Rouge bid contracts to be released for 2018

Baton Rouge bid contracts to be released for 2018

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Part of a healthy economy for a city is a blend of businesses, both large and small, to service the area and create revenue, jobs and an economic infrastructure. Baton Rouge is no exception to this and is home to many businesses, both small and large. The mayor wanted to give more equal access to both types of businesses for commercial projects and other similar bids the city seeks for project. That’s why the city is releasing a list of city projects in advance.

The Mayor of Baton Rouge, and his administration, is making the effort to follow through on a promise to make it easier for local small, minority-owned and disadvantaged businesses to participate in city-parish contracts. There are 129 projects in the forecast bid project list, and the list was presented to nearly 100 small businesses. Similar presentations are set for later this year. The goal is to give small businesses more time to prepare a bid so that they can have a fairer chance of meeting the expectations and come up with a competitive quote.

The response seemed overwhelmingly positive and there was a larger turnout than expected. In addition to the bid forecast, attendees at the meeting received information on how to register with the city-parish so that they are eligible to compete for government contracts. Most of those in attendance have never done business with the city-parish before, which fulfilled the mayor’s goal of allowing the city to diversify who is given city contracts.

This initiative was implemented after a research study was conducted to determine how government contracts are awarded. The study was originally only going to explore factors of sex, color and veteran status, but decided to expand into small businesses verses large businesses. Government contract-backed projects, including commercial real estate projects, are a great way for small businesses to get involved in large scope projects that impact their city.

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