Major merger planned for Louisiana

Major merger planned for Louisiana

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This blog recently discussed the importance and helpfulness of mergers and acquisitions when growing a business and the important steps to take when endeavoring through a merger or acquisition. A recently announced major merger deal between a satellite phone operator in a nearby Louisiana community about an hour east of the Baton Rouge area helps to illustrate that. The satellite phone company will be merging with a landline company in a $1.65 million merger deal.

The merger deal, which still requires approval from shareholders, is expected to create a stronger company which will be renamed. The new company will remain in the nearby Louisiana community where it is currently located but will get larger headquarters. The merger will involve a combination of combining assets and stocks.

Overall, mergers are excellent growth opportunities but it is important to know how to do it right and be familiar with the legal complexities and requirements associated with the merger process. They require a lot of due diligence and must be carefully managed. A merger may involve the transfer of assets or stock and may also include the involvement of shareholders.

When done correctly, mergers provide the opportunity for a newer and stronger business to emerge which is why it is important to carefully consider all aspects of a merger when contemplating one. Because the merger process can include a variety of complexities, it is important to carefully evaluate any merger under consideration and keep in mind that trained guidance can be useful through the process.

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