Private mergers attractive option for those with privacy concerns

Private mergers attractive option for those with privacy concerns

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When thinking about your business, are there certain details you wouldn’t want shared with the public? For publicly traded companies, there really isn’t an option to keep secrets, other than trade secrets or other related content. This is because publicly traded companies are regulated and controlled on a different level than private businesses.

However, many businesses are still privately held. Privately held companies may not have the advantages public businesses have, but what they do have is the option to keep dealings and financial information private. While all businesses must still report income to the IRS for tax purposes, other information, like net profits can remain behind closed doors. This is the same for details of private mergers.

Since a merger is when two companies come together or one company buys another, a company may not want to disclose certain information. Whether this is because of concerns about competitors, employees or customers, news tends to spread like wildfire these days. If there is anything that could be used against a company, a private merger may be a great way to keep sensitive information private. At Dale M Maas Attorney at Law, we know and appreciate the privacy concerns your company may have and will work hard to protect your interests during such a critical time.

Keeping certain information away from those who needn’t know it is a delicate balance. Understanding what to share and what to withhold is part of the equation. Private merger and acquisition contracts can help get those goals accomplished.