We can help with your Louisiana commercial real estate needs

We can help with your Louisiana commercial real estate needs

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Commercial real estate is big business in Baton Rouge – and across Louisiana. It is intertwined with all of the state’s major economic sectors, from oil and gas extraction and refining, to tourism, shipping, construction and banking. If there is an industry that needs property to operate, commercial real estate will inevitably be implicated.

That said, commercial real estate is a field unto itself and entirely different from what you may expect when buying or leasing a home. A developer or investor who has worked in residential real estate for many years may be surprised when they first dip their toes into the often-murky waters of the commercial side. The laws and regulations regarding zoning, licensing, permitting and inspections can be different. Even the relationships between the business stakeholders in a commercial project can differ considerably from those in a residential deal.

So, no matter what kind of commercial real estate project you or your business may be working on – be it development, leasing, investing, venture capital or property management – you will need to know what types of legal challenges you may encounter along the way. Market conditions and the legal environment can change quickly. And state, local and even federal laws can slow down what, at the outset, may have appeared to be smooth sailing.

A seasoned attorney with experience navigating Louisiana’s commercial real estate waters can assist you in making your venture a success. From the negotiation table to the closing table – and in all steps in between – our firm has just the type of experience you will need. Visit the dedicated commercial real estate page on our website to learn more about how we can help you.