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Handling a commercial real estate dispute

When it comes to real estate transactions, all sorts of challenges may arise. For example, a property owner may face uncertainty over their decision to lease or sell real estate, while others may struggle with tax matters. However, commercial real estate issues can be especially difficult under certain circumstances, such as when a dispute arises. If you have found yourself in the middle of a dispute over some commercial real estate matter, it is pivotal to handle the situation appropriately. In Baton Rouge and all over the state of Louisiana, these disagreements can have a significant impact on business owners and companies.

Succession disputes and family conflicts

When someone leaves their loved ones with assets after they pass away, they likely wish for family members to appreciate their decisions and benefit from what they have inherited. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise over succession and these disagreements have the potential to create serious conflict within a family. In some cases, family drama may be so severe that family members may never speak with each other ever again. At the very least, these disagreements can create even more anxiety and emotional pain when many people are already struggling with losing someone who they loved.

Millennials: estate planning is for you

If you are like many Louisiana residents in their 20s or 30s, you might almost laugh at the thought of creating a will for yourself. It is easy when young, especially if you are in good health, to assume that only your parents or grandparents need to think about estate planning. However, there are many situations in which getting serious about this can be very useful for you and your families.

The succession process in Louisiana

Residents in Louisiana may have heard their relatives or friends in other states talk about probate, a legal process that may take place after a person dies. The state of Louisiana refers to probate as succession. Understanding some of the key elements to this process is important for anyone who may be the executor of a will or an heir to all or part of another person's estate.

How should I go about hiring a contractor?

Your residential or commercial real estate could use some renovations. You need to hire a contractor, but aren’t sure how to go about it. Most contractors are hardworking and honest, but there is still a sizeable minority of contractors who do not put in good work or use honesty in their transactions.

Utilizing an employee handbook to educate workers

When organizational leaders are looking to improve the dedication, resolve and motivation of their workers in Louisiana, they sometimes recognize the need for revitalized education when it is too late. Rebuilding a company culture that has slowly diminished is much harder to do the second time around. Employers who go to extensive lengths to articulate their expectations of their employees in a handbook may be able to prevent some of the miscommunication and confusion that sometimes results when employees are left to formulate their definition of specific protocols laid out at an executive level. 

Prudent estate planning protects family's ownership of team

Estate planning can seem daunting when people take into perspective all of the different aspects that go into the creation of a well-rounded plan for their future. Many people discount the importance of planning when they are younger, healthy and without much obligation to other dependents. However, people who prioritize the process of putting together a plan for their future in Louisiana can experience many rewarding benefits including the ability to reduce familial tensions after their death, the ability to better protect their assets and the chance to dictate their wishes without the unsolicited input of others. 

What you should know before writing a will

If you are like many people, you may find it difficult to comprehend the value of having a will or trust in Louisiana if you are young and healthy. However, putting in the time and commitment now to put together a well-written will can eliminate stress and build the foundation for a future that is more stable and relaxing. At Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we have helped many people through the process of determining which elements of estate planning are the most beneficial for their situation. 

How should you approach the topic of estate planning?

If you are like many people in Louisiana, it may be difficult to recognize the immediate advantages or purpose of planning an estate well before you ever anticipate needing its benefits. However, being proactive about creating a prudent estate plan can make a considerable difference in how effectively and efficiently your assets and possessions are gifted or invested following your death. Likewise, it can also allow you the chance to dictate how you would prefer those critical decisions be made if you ever reach a point where you are not able to make those decisions on your own. 

Deciding between a Sub S Corp and an LLC

Leaving the cubicle life and becoming a Louisiana business owner is a big step. Part of starting off on the right foot is structuring the organization to meet your needs and goals. At Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we have experience helping clients choose the business entity that suits their unique situation.

A will can ensure the distribution of your estate

If you die without a will in Louisiana, the state determines the distribution of your estate, regardless of your wishes. It also appoints a guardian for your minor children if both of their parents die in an accident. At Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we can help you get your affairs in order if the unthinkable happens.

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