When someone leaves their loved ones with assets after they pass away, they likely wish for family members to appreciate their decisions and benefit from what they have inherited. Unfortunately, sometimes disputes arise over succession and these disagreements have the potential to create serious conflict within a family. In some cases, family drama may be so severe that family members may never speak with each other ever again. At the very least, these disagreements can create even more anxiety and emotional pain when many people are already struggling with losing someone who they loved.

If a succession dispute has arisen within your family, it is imperative to identify which route you are going to take with respect to conflict resolution. You may be able to speak with relatives who are involved in a dispute and reduce tensions, while other cases may be hostile regardless of your efforts. You should never allow your rights to be taken advantage of, whether you are a beneficiary or you have been falsely accused of doing something wrong while managing an estate.

We fully understand how heartbreaking these conflicts can be and how uncertain many people are when they find themselves in the middle of a dispute with one of their family members, such as a sibling or cousin. During a dispute, you should try to stay level-headed and you should firmly stand up for your rights if you believe that they have been violated. Our succession and probate page offers more on succession disputes.