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November 2018 Archives

What is the most critical part of an employment contract?

If you are preparing to hire an employee, it is necessary for you to develop an employment contract that will provide protection and clarification for both you and the candidate you choose to hire. Creating a document that details the terms of your new hire's employment with your company in Louisiana will serve as a valuable reference that can be easily accessed in moments when questions may arise. 

No estate plan often results in family disputes over inheritance

When people are in the prime of their life, enjoying family, a good job and a stable living situation, it can be difficult for them to get into the thought process of planning their estate. However, it is in these moments that planning an estate is so critical for folks in Louisiana. Families who take the initiative to begin planning when life is calm and pleasant can potentially divert disaster and family feuds after their death by having a coordinated, organized and understandable plan in place for what they want to be done with their estate and inheritance. 

Should you plan for disability?

If we are very fortunate, we may make it to the end of our lives without suffering long-term impairment or disability, but that is much less likely than most people like to think. Disability can occur suddenly because of an injury. Without proper precautions in place, even a person with an otherwise strong estate plan may find themselves in a bad financial position. If your estate plan does not deal with the possibility of long-term disability, you are leaving yourself open to needless risk.

What is a lien?

If you want to sell or buy a home in Louisiana, it is essential to ensure the property does not have a lien. Realtor.com explains a lien is a legal claim of a creditor over your property. If you have a lien, you cannot sell until you pay the debt to the creditor.

What is a forced heir?

In Louisiana, you have the right to create your estate plans that outline what happens to your assets upon your death. You can decide which heirs get what assets. You can make all the decisions. When you die, as long as you have legal plans, the court upholds your estate and ensures the proper distribution of your assets. However, there is one situation where your wishes may not come to fruition.

When should I start succession planning?

Louisiana business owners must look to the future, especially when it comes to their retirement. For instance, putting off succession planning to a later date could negatively impact the future of the business you worked so hard to create. That’s why NextAvenue.com recommends beginning the following process as soon as possible to ensure your business remains in good hands even after you retire.

Is there anything I can do to avoid contract disputes?

Louisiana business owners must use contracts to work with clients or even hire new employees. In some cases, the other party may dispute the terms of the contract, which can lead to a costly lawsuit and a lot of wasted time. While it’s not possible to prevent all disputes from occurring, Inc. recommends the following advice to help lower your risk.

Red flags for potential contractor scams

While it has been more than two years since the big floods of August 2016, many Louisiana residents are still struggling with the after-effects of this event. Some of the problems involve unethical contractors. Anyone who needs a contractor whether after a natural disaster or even just when wanting to do a remodel on their home should be aware of what to watch for when selecting who they will work with.

Reviewing your estate plan

If you have taken the steps to put in place a solid estate plan in Louisiana, you should feel good about this. The effort involved here can benefit both you and your family members who will appreciate having these details outlined for them when they are handling matters after your death. However, you should not consider estate planning to be a one-time activity. Instead, you should plan to review these details on a regular basis or when major life changes dictate such a review.

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