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Usufructuaries and naked ownership

Sometimes, after a person in Louisiana dies, an asset left to a beneficiary does not immediately transfer to that person's possession. If you find yourself in this position as the new owner of the asset, you may be wondering what will happen next. The legal team at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, often advises clients who have questions about Louisiana inheritance laws.

Strategy can optimize the process of hiring and retaining workers

For many successful companies in Louisiana, one of their most important goals is to hire, train and retain the type of talent that is continuously improving and receiving the necessary resources to become the next leaders of the organization. This process, while relatively simplistic for some, can be what makes or breaks large corporations depending on how well they strategize the training and care of their workers. 

Can you protect yourself from dishonest contractors?

When you are already reeling from the stress of rebuilding your home after the traumatic flooding in Louisiana, the last thing you need to deal with is the dishonesty of contractors who advertise themselves as someone you can rely on for effective repairs. Because many contractors appear seemingly out of nowhere following a natural disaster, it may be easy for you to trust that everyone who you contact is ready to lend a helping hand. However, protecting yourself from those who are dishonest and deceiving is essential to avoid losing even more of your precious resources. 

Probate: 2 simple ways to avoid it for some of your assets

If your father passes away, you'll need to wait for the probate process to conclude before receiving the inheritance that was bequeathed to you in his will. And if you're the executor of your father's estate, there's a lot more than waiting, which you'll need to do as you actively navigate the probate process on behalf of your father's estate.

Updating an estate plan is just as important as creating one

Planning an estate is not a top priority for many people in Louisiana, especially those who do not recognize an immediate need for planning so far into the future. However, people who take the initiative to begin planning their estate long before they ever need to implement its details, are often much more confident and better prepared to take on the unexpected with peace of mind. 

Maintaining an attractive property in the wintertime months

While there are certain times of the year in Louisiana where buying and selling real estate is more profitable and efficient than others, with the right tools and strategies, people can have a successful chance at completing real estate transactions at all times of the year. One of the key selling points for many potential buyers is how attractive the home appears and how readily they can envision the property working for their needs. 

Are no-contest clauses enforceable?

One of the main goals of estate planning is to avoid having discord arise amongst your beneficiaries in Baton Rouge once you are gone. Alas, there is no guarantee that, even despite your best intentions, one of those you leave behind will be unsatisfied with their interest in your estate. Depending on the source of their dissatisfaction, they may attempt to challenge (or even invalidate) your will. Such an action would no doubt lead to untold tension. What if, however, there were away to deter such a challenge from ever happening? 

Detailing Louisiana's intestate succession laws

Despite estate planning experts in Baton Rouge extolling the benefits of seeing to such matters early on in one's life, a surprisingly high number of American adults do not have a will. While the issue of not having a will and testament in place may not concern you personally, you could be impacted should a person to whom you are an heir dies without one. Countless clients come to us here at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law concerned with how the estates of their loved ones who died intestate (without a will) will be administered. Fortunately, the state has established guidelines to govern such cases. 

What happens to your property if you die without a will?

If you pass away in Louisiana without a will or other estate planning document in place, you may want to know what will become of your assets, property and debt. The answer depends on whether your property is community property or separate property, and what the relationship the survivors are to you.

What can you do when a contractor takes your money and runs?

It is all too common of a scenario — a homeowner hires a contractor, pays a security deposit and the contractor never shows up again. Sometimes, the contractor will do the work, but it is often shoddy or incomplete, meaning that the homeowner has to pay more money to either redo or fix the work. If you recently paid a contractor for subpar or no work on your Louisiana home, you do have options. Angie's List outlines just a few of them.

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