What can you do when a contractor takes your money and runs?

What can you do when a contractor takes your money and runs?

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It is all too common of a scenario — a homeowner hires a contractor, pays a security deposit and the contractor never shows up again. Sometimes, the contractor will do the work, but it is often shoddy or incomplete, meaning that the homeowner has to pay more money to either redo or fix the work. If you recently paid a contractor for subpar or no work on your Louisiana home, you do have options. Angie’s List outlines just a few of them.

If your contractor held a license, you have a better chance of recovering your money than if he or she was not state certified. Additionally, recovery may be exponentially easier and may simply require you to visit the licensing agency and file a complaint. The agency may be able to help mediate the situation on your behalf. However, if you want the agency to take your complaint seriously, show up armed with proof, such as photographs and a signed contract.

Recovery may be even easier if the contractor held a bond. If he or she did carry a bond, he or she must satisfy the terms of the contract. If he or she fails to do so, the company that issued the bond must compensate you for your losses. Bonds also cover homeowners for damage to the property, shoddy work or unpaid supply and labor charges.

You can also pursue legal action against the contractor via small claims court. However, pursuing legal action can be costly and is often not worth the headache for homeowners. If you are considering legal action, talk to an attorney to see if filing a claim would be worth your while.

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