Baton Rouge in contract dispute over library construction

Baton Rouge in contract dispute over library construction

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Contracts are so ubiquitous in the business world that their importance is often observed as being diminished. This is a mistake, though. These agreements, when executed correctly, are legally enforceable, thereby giving the parties to the agreement to take legal action to ensure they do not lose money or specific performance of contract terms when a breach of contract has occurred. Of course, oftentimes those who are accused of breaching a contract dispute that they have done so, which sets the matter up for negotiation and litigation where the stakes can be quite high for all parties involved.

This very well may be the situation for the city of Baton Rouge, which has filed a number of lawsuits against subcontractors who were to erect the downtown library. The structure has been put on hold since April 2018 when a critical structural defect was found. The city then took action against Structural Consultants Associates Inc., claiming that the designs and specifications for the library were errant and defective in nature.

This subcontractor is just one of the many parties involved in this lawsuit, which focuses on a number of legal wrongs including breach of contract. Due to the complex nature of this case, the lawsuit is expected to take months, if not years, to resolve. There is a lot at stake with construction of the building costing a significant amount and access to a new public library being delayed for what seems like indefinitely.

Parties involved in contract disputes need to make sure that they can make the best legal arguments to support their positions. This can be a challenging feat depending on the facts at hand, but a skilled business law attorney may be able to help craft a compelling legal strategy that leads to a favorable outcome.