How can you revoke a will?

How can you revoke a will?

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There are many reasons for which you may decide to revoke your old will and start anew. For instance, you may have added a new member to your family, gone through a divorce or tied the knot. You may also have had a falling out with a beneficiary or decided that one beneficiary could use certain assets more than another. Whatever the reason for wanting to change or revoke your will in Louisiana, you need to go about doing so in a legally satisfying manner. Failure to rescind or modify your will in a proper fashion could lead to misunderstanding and costly probate upon your death.

According to FindLaw, you can revoke your will in one of three ways: you can destroy the old document, make changes to an existing will or create a new document. Doing either or all of these three things is likely to render an old will invalid. You may be able to even give away all of your assets and property before you pass away to achieve the same effect.

If you choose to destroy your old will, it is important that a witness knows you tore, canceled, shredded, obliterated or otherwise destroyed the will yourself. You can also have someone else destroy the will on your behalf if he or she does so when you are in the room.  

You can also revoke an old will by making changes to an existing will. The newly amended will, or “codicil,” essentially serves as a new will.

You can also create a new will. This is perhaps the easiest way to revoke an existing will. If you choose this route, be sure to include a provision that expresses your wish to rescind all previous wills. An attorney can help you with such language.

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