The benefits of starting an online business

The benefits of starting an online business

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Like many entrepreneurs in Louisiana, you may be considering whether starting your company from your home is your best option. We at the law office of Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, have often counseled individuals on how to form an internet business that succeeds.

The Small Business Administration notes that home-based internet businesses typically cost less than those that require a physical location. Not only do you have the potential to save money, you may also find it easier to raise the capital you need to start. Many lenders offer business lines of credit, and you may also find that you can get a personal loan to cover many of your startup costs. An internet business also makes it easier to expand as you succeed.

Another factor of success is your customer base, and through the internet, you can reach people in your target population around the world. You can do this from wherever there is an internet connection, allowing you to take your “home business” anywhere if the need arises. This flexibility may even allow you to work part-time, if necessary, while you build your company.

Statistics show that home-based businesses are a good bet. Over 50 percent of U.S. small businesses are run from home, and they are more likely to succeed than those that are not home-based. Only 29 percent of nonhome-based small businesses last three years or more, while 70 percent of home-based businesses meet or exceed the three-year mark.

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