Legal matters addressed by company policies

Legal matters addressed by company policies

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There are laws in Louisiana as well as federal laws that relate directly to how local businesses conduct their operations. One of the methods of ensuring compliance with these is through the company’s policies and procedures. explains that these define the responsibilities of everyone in the company.

Policies may include equal opportunity policies that prevent employers from discrimination when they are interviewing, hiring, managing, promoting or firing someone. For example, a manager cannot ask questions about a person’s race or religion during the hiring process or fire someone for having a disability. 

A company may also include policies that refer to intellectual property, employee contracts, noncompetition agreements and other legal matters.

Most employers have an employee handbook that defines what workers’ responsibilities are, as well. This may include their schedule and how they may take time off. For example, employees may have a set number of paid sick leave days each year, or may be required to give a month’s notice before taking vacation leave. 

Employee conduct is another matter that should be addressed in the policies and procedures. Employees should be protected from discriminating, bullying and harassing behaviors from their co-workers. There should be procedures in place for dealing with these actions, including how to report them and the discipline methods the company will use.

U.S. News explains that there are some common policies that could be violations of the law. For example, it may be illegal to forbid co-workers from discussing their salaries, to require them to answer work communications off the clock or to limit certain social media activities.