Ending your marriage can bring up a number of considerations, including legal, financial and emotional considerations. Aside from custody disputes, child support and alimony, you may need to look into other aspects of your life, such as your estate plan. Many people have wills and trusts, which can offer a great deal of security and relief knowing that one’s estate will be managed properly after they pass away. However, the end of a marriage may necessitate making changes to your estate plan for a variety of reasons. In Baton Rouge and across Lousiana, it is pivotal for people to address their estate planning needs promptly.

Reviewing an estate plan in the wake of a divorce may be essential, especially if a former spouse is given authority that should be revoked, or they are entitled to assets through the estate plan. For example, you may want to remove your ex from your estate plan and change the way in which your property is divided among beneficiaries. You may need to find a new executor and think about other facets of your estate plan. For example, you might want to remove your former spouse’s children from your estate plan or include new beneficiaries, such as a new partner.

These are just some of the estate planning matters that may prompt you to revise your estate plan and make changes. We know how tough this can be for some people, especially if they have divorce-related stress, but you could feel relieved after getting this out of the way.