The basics of zoning laws

The basics of zoning laws

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Baton Rouge businesses that are looking to lease or purchase commercial real estate have a lot to consider. As they embark on this journey and consider sale or lease prices, management agreements, and construction, they may neglect to consider zoning laws and the important limitations they can place on the use of commercial real estate.

Generally speaking, zoning laws are meant to prevent businesses from developing in residential areas that will negatively impact those neighborhoods. Exceptions to zoning laws may be made, though, if it can be shown that the proposed use would further the community’s financial well-being.

In order to succeed in seeking one of these exceptions, known as a variance, the person considering use of the property may have to show how the intended use will not disrupt the surrounding neighborhood. This is because zoning laws may seek to keep noise, light, and traffic reduced in residential neighborhoods.

So, what does this mean for those looking to lease or purchase land, including commercial real estate? It means they need to carefully consider existing zoning laws before taking the plunge with a purchase or lease. Failing to do so could result in limitations on the property’s use that severely hinder the business’s ability to function properly. This, in turn, can lead to lost revenues and profits. In other words, the stakes are high.

Therefore, those facing potential zoning issues need to analyze how best to approach the matter. If seeking a variance, then persuasive facts and arguments must be presented to zoning boards in order to sway them into agreement. This is no small feat, especially given the significant effects of such a decision. This is why Louisiana residents shouldn’t go at these matters alone. Instead, they should think about acquiring the assistance of a legal professional who is skilled at handling business law matters like these.