Louisiana cancer center merging with cancer center in Mississippi

Louisiana cancer center merging with cancer center in Mississippi

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Businesses in the Baton Rouge area are constantly looking for ways to grow. In many instances this is the best way to increase profits. Simply opening up new locations is one way to go about expanding, but another option is to engage in mergers and acquisitions. By doing so, a business can broaden its consumer base, reduce costs and even solidify supply chains.

The Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center appears to see the benefits of taking such action, as it recently announced that it would be merging with Caring River Cancer Center in Mississippi. The Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center saw this as an opportunity to expand its cancer prevention efforts given that the Natchez, Mississippi area, where the Caring River Cancer Center is located, has increased rates of certain types of cancer, including breast and colorectal.

The financial details of the merger are unknown at this time. However, the Mississippi center will be renamed to correlate to the Mary Bird Perkins center in Louisiana. Getting this deal approved likely took a significant amount of work, considering the money and people involved. These transactions must be detail-oriented, too. Otherwise, one party to the agreement may get far less than it actually bargained for.

This is why the parties to this agreement, and other businesses that engage in mergers and acquisitions, seek the assistance of qualified legal professionals. These business law attorneys know what to look for in a deal and how to negotiate an arrangement that is fair and favorable. Because each case is unique, Baton Rouge businesses need the individualized approach that is appropriate for their situation. Sitting down with attorneys who are experienced in this field is oftentimes the only way to determine whether they are uniquely situated to handle the matter at hand.