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Ownership dispute over Farrah Fawcett painting resolved

The purpose of a will is to declare the intended succession of ownership of one's property. If questions exist over whether one actually owns a certain property, that issue must be resolved prior to the asset being included in an estate's administration proceedings. The question of ownership may often be resolved by a brief review of one's property records (which is why people are encouraged to maintain certificates of ownership for their more valuable properties). Yet if such records do not exist (and if a testator is no longer alive to consult with), then officials may be left to rely upon whose claim over the property appears to be the most legitimate. 

Terminating contracts "for convenience"

There is often added security when it comes to working with government partners in Baton Rouge. Yet that does not necessarily mean that your work with them is guaranteed. Due to their affiliations, they are often afforded special benefits. One of these is who they are allowed to treat their contractual agreements. Many of those that come to us Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law find out too late just how much leeway government agencies are afforded in this area. 

Business formation and legal issues involving partners

Launching a business can be a stressful time in one's life, but it can also be an exciting step toward a very bright financial future. There are many different aspects of business formation to take into consideration, and the way in which these matters are handled can have a significant impact on how things play out in the months and years to come. Some people work with business partners, which can be very advantageous for a number of reasons. However, unexpected hurdles can also arise when business partners are involved, such as disagreements which lead to roadblocks and even legal action, in some cases.

Workplace problems and estate planning

Whether someone is having a hard time with regard to naming beneficiaries and figuring out how to split up their assets or they cannot decide which type of trust will suit their needs best, there are many different estate planning challenges that people may have to work through. Sometimes, people may be going through other difficulties in life, which can also get in the way of estate planning. For example, a tough divorce or problems in the workplace can also make estate planning complicated. Whether you are under a great deal of pressure at work or you recently found out that you will lose your job, it is important to prevent these issues from interfering with your approach to estate planning.

Is your will overdue for an update?

Creating a will is always a good place to start when getting your personal affairs in order and establishing your wishes for your estate, but it is unwise to leave a will unchanged for years. Unfortunately, many people believe that simply creating a will protects their rights and preferences for their estate, which is not always true.

When a competitor accuses your business of wrongdoing

Business law encompasses many legal issues, from those which involve staff members and the formation of a business to matters involving business activity in a particular state. However, those which involve competitors can be especially tough for different reasons, and in some cases a competitor may even decide to take legal action. If your business has been targeted by one of your competitors, it is important to understand all of your legal options and handle the case in the most sensible manner, since there may be much at stake. In some instances, these cases are based on exaggerated details or claims that have been completely fabricated.

Lawsuits targeting inexperienced business owners

Our law firm understands that some business lawsuits can be especially tough, such as those which target a new or inexperienced business owner. Perhaps you have recently launched a business and you are not familiar with certain legal obligations or you are unsure of how to handle a lawsuit. Sometimes, new business owners are especially likely to find themselves in this position, especially if they are not aware of the ins and outs of employment law. However, many have also been falsely accused of wrongdoing, and litigation can be stressful for any business owner (let alone one who has not been running a company for very long).

How can I save my sinking company?

Businesses fail in Louisiana and across the United States at alarming rates every year. Yet, entrepreneurs continue to take the risk in hopes of coming out on top. The universal problem that tends to lead to business failure is lack of capital or cash-in-hand to keep operations running smoothly. However, there is often more to the story than just this surface result.

Probate is not always bad

While estate planning in Louisiana, the term probate comes up fairly often. CNN Money describes probate as the legal process that takes place after a person passes away. The process entails verifying the authenticity of a will and then distributing assets. When there is no will, then probate court must make the decisions as to how assets are divided. It may sound simple enough, but probate can be costly in time and money.

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