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Divorce, special needs and trusts

There are many challenges for those who work through the divorce process, especially if kids are involved. Moreover, those who have a child with special needs may face even more uncertainty during the divorce process. Not only do some parents have questions and concerns regarding child custody, child support and other divorce-related topics, but some are worried about their child’s future and want to do everything they can to ensure that their child will have the resources they need in the years to come. Sometimes, a special needs trust is a great way to gain peace of mind knowing that these issues have been addressed.

Dealing with a lawsuit as an older business owner

Legal action can be challenging for any business owner, whether they have been successfully running a company for decades or they recently launched a small business. For some people, litigation can be particularly difficult to deal with, such as those who are facing other hardships in their personal and professional lives. From health issues to financial concerns, there are many other factors that may need to be taken into consideration when a lawsuit surfaces. Some older adults are dealing with these other difficulties and it is important to do everything you can to focus on your business’ interests if you are in this position.

Naming beneficiaries and family disputes

Estate planning can present a number of challenges, but there are times when this process can be especially complicated. For example, those who are unsure of how to divide their assets among those they love may have a lot of stress and be unsure of which decisions to make with regard to naming beneficiaries. Moreover, the choices that are made during the estate planning process could have a significant impact on an entire family in the years to come. In some cases, the decisions that are made while setting up a trust or a will can lead to disputes within a family.

Estate planning and domestic animals

When many people set up an estate plan, they consider how their will or trust will help those they love after they have passed on. This may include a spouse, children, grandchildren and other loved ones, such as a family pet. Many people love their pets as if they were their own children and it is important to take this issue into consideration when creating (or making changes to) your estate plan. In this post, we will examine some issues related to estate planning and domestic animals.

What are the exceptions to at-will employment?

A scenario in which your employer simply walks up and fires you from your employment in Baton Rouge for no good reason is likely inconceivable to you. After all, you have to have done something to warrant being fired, right? Not necessarily. Like many states, Louisiana subscribes to the philosophy of "at-will" employment. Indeed, Title IX, Article 2747 of Louisiana's Civil Code states than an employer can dismiss you without giving any reason for doing so. 

Settling an estate's debts

One who is asked to serve as the personal representative of the estate of a family member or friend in Baton Rouge may immediately envision the feelings of satisfaction that no doubt come with helping beneficiaries claim their allotred interest. While that can certainly make the job worth it, one should know that a number of administrative steps must be taken before they can start sending out money to a decedent's heirs. One of these is paying off whatever debts and liabilities the decedent left behind. Given that MoneyWise reports that the average American will die with over $61,000 in debt, it may be safe to say that as a personal representative, one will almost certainly have to deal with creditors. 

Creating a brand for your new business

Arguably, the most important aspect of a successful business is a competitive and valuable product. However, if this product is not effectively communicated to the appropriate markets, it can still fail. This is why building a brand is a vital part of business planning.

Simplifying the estate planning process

Setting up an estate plan may seem like a daunting task to some people, especially if they are facing other hardships in their lives (such as health problems or a demanding job). There are many options to choose from and people may have a hard time making difficult decisions, such as the best way to divide their assets among those they love. Our law office is sympathetic to people who are in this position, and we believe it is essential for those interested in creating a will or a trust to do everything they can to make the process easier.

Business litigation and the food industry

Business owners may face a multitude of challenges when they find themselves in the courtroom, and this is especially true for those in the food industry. If you run a restaurant, day-to-day operations may be challenging, and you may be in a particularly tough spot if a lawsuit surfaces. Whether you are taken to court by a competitor, one of your customers or someone who works (or used to work) for your restaurant, these lawsuits can be difficult to deal with and they may have a significant impact on the future of your establishment.

What are some common legal issues business owners should avoid?

Today’s world and Louisiana’s economy lends itself to the opportunity for many to start small businesses, both online and brick and mortar stores. As a small business grows, it is likely to face legal challenges that were not present in the beginning. You can head those off before they begin if you are prepared for them.

Probating small estates in Louisiana

You have likely heard from many in Baton Rouge that the probate process is long and costly and one that should be avoided. That is the attitude that many bring with them when they come to see our team here at Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law. Yet the truth is that probate is not always bad, and contrary to what many may believe, probate court officials are not keen on wasting theirs or you time. Thus, they want to have the estate you are party to administered as fast as possible. That might even mean bypassing the probate process altogether. 

Understanding estate tax portability

As people in Baton Rouge begin the process of creating a will, they may think that they must earmark a portion of their assets to go towards paying estate taxes. This no doubt comes from the assumption that all estates are subject to tax (either federal or state). Yet before they resign themselves to the notion that some of what they had hoped to leave their beneficiaries will inevitably be eaten up by taxes, they should know that Louisiana does not levy an estate tax, and few estates actually are required to pay any federal tax. 

Handling false allegations of wrongful termination

Business owners face a myriad of challenges when it comes to the staff members they employ, especially when it becomes necessary to let a worker go. When workers are fired, they may accuse their employer of discriminating against them or firing them in an unlawful manner. Some may decide to file a complaint or even take their case to court, and business litigation can be a very difficult ordeal for any business owner. There may be much at stake if your company has been accused of wrongful termination, even if the accusations are baseless.

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