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June 2019 Archives

Louisiana School Boards Association secures building downtown

Having the right place to do business can set you up for success. It can ensure that certain costs and expenses are minimized as fully as possible and that adequate space and resources are available to carry out the business's functions.

Business formation and the nonprofit organization

Many Louisianans who are considering starting a business do so with an eye on making money. They therefore begin their business planning with an eye on maximizing profits. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. However, that business model isn't right for everyone.

Sprint and T-Mobile merger may be put on hold

Mergers can be a great way to further business's interests by increasing their market share, broadening their services, allowing them to enter new markets, and reducing costs. The process can be enormously complex, though, even when the businesses involved in a merger are relatively small.

An attorney can help guide you through a business sale

Recently on the blog we've spent some time discussing business sales. For example, last week's post discussed the sale of Barnes and Noble to a huge hedge fund. This is a topic rich with legal issues, which is why it is important that Baton Rouge-area business owners who are considering selling their businesses think about whether working with a legal professional is beneficial.

Barnes and Noble sold to hedge fund

Depending on the circumstances at hand, selling a business can either be relatively straightforward or extraordinarily difficult. The business's potential market value and its assets and debts must be carefully analyzed before engaging in and completing purchase negotiations. This process can take some time and expertise, which is why it is usually best to work with a qualified attorney when dealing with these matters.

Corporate bylaws: draft wisely for board of directors purposes

The type of legal structure you choose to utilize in the formation of your business lays the foundation for how your business will operate, be taxed, and proceed in court. Although that is a challenging enough proposition to begin with, especially because there are many options, the matters relating to business formation don't stop there. Instead, a new business owner must consider things like funding, supply chains, human resources, and establishing contracts with pertinent parties.

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