How to prevent contractor disputes

How to prevent contractor disputes

On Behalf of | Jun 22, 2019 | Real Estate Litigation |

When you need work performed on your Louisiana home, you must spend extreme care selecting a contractor. After interviewing several potential candidates, you then select the one whose past work and financial bid appeal most to you. However, you may wonder how you can prevent any disputes from arising. At Dale M Mass, Attorney at Law, we understand the issues that can arise which unfortunately sometimes turn into contractor fraud lawsuits. 

According to The New York Times, to avoid a renovation nightmare, you should get recommendations from friends and family for licensed, insured contractors whose work they have been satisfied with in the recent past. Next, check with consumer affairs to be sure that there have been no complaints filed against the contractor. You should also do an online search, preferably through a legal search engine, to be sure that there are no homeowners suing for breach of contract. 

Then, be sure that you discuss expectations thoroughly with the contractor before memorializing details into a written contract. Be sure to include start date, a timeline, completion date, scope of work, and specific details about payment. It is often best to break payments into smaller amounts contingent upon work being completed at each stage. 

Most importantly, make sure that you never pay in full until all of the work has been finished to your satisfaction. A corresponding payment plan enables you to have more control and provides incentive for the contractor to work in a timely manner to completion. More information about contractor fraud can be found on our web page.