Hurricane season brings shady contractors

Hurricane season brings shady contractors

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Baton Rouge homeowners have had many opportunities in recent years where there was a need to hire contractors. Weather patterns have sent plenty of hurricanes, tropical storms and even a so-called “500-year” flood to our area in 2016 that no one wants to see again in their lifetimes.

All of these storms roared out of the Gulf of Mexico and created heavy damage from winds and water to homes and businesses all over East Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes. In the aftermath, some south Louisiana homeowners had insult added to injury after they were fleeced by disreputable contractors who preyed on the storm victims’ desperation.

What happens when the work done is not up to par?

Even when the contractor is not shady, disputes can still arise over the quality and/or scope of the work that was performed on your property. In the case of outright damage to the property, you may find that your homeowners’ insurance covers it. However, it is unlikely that you can turn to homeowners’ policies to address issues involving a contractor’s workmanship.

Of course, each claim you make against your own homeowners’ policy increases your risk of being hit with higher premiums or being dropped entirely. That’s a good reason for turning to the contractor’s own insurance policy to right egregious wrongs, e.g., fire damage from an equipment malfunction.

What happens if the contractor is uninsured (or under-insured)?

This is a prime example of why it is so necessary to predetermine before the first nail is ever hammered that the contractor you’ve hired is adequately insured. Take a pass on any contractors who hedge about verifying their insurance coverage.

Poor workmanship claims fall on the contractor

If you are dissatisfied with the work done by the contractor you hired, you will need to address the situation with them. They can then repair or replace the substandard repairs to meet your satisfaction. Failing that, you may need to escalate the situation by filing a claim for damages for breach of contract.

Most reputable contractors realize the inherent value of positive word-of-mouth referrals from satisfied clients to prospective customers. Contractors will often go above and beyond to make sure that their clients are happy with the finished renovations.

If your experience is different and your contractor refuses to work with you to make things right, your next move might be to contact a Baton Rouge business law attorney who can help you find the relief you seek.