What is protected by an employment contract?

What is protected by an employment contract?

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After you have gone through the hiring process at your new job in Louisiana, your cooperation has been requested in signing an employment contract. While you have agreed to sign your name on the dotted line, you may be questioning the purpose or necessity of an employment contract when you have already verbally committed to doing your job and being loyal to the organization. 

In reality, requiring you to sign an employment contract is actually an invaluable way for the company for which you work, to protect their most critical assets. Additionally, it is a place where you can reference to see what your rights are as an employee if you are upholding your agreement in the contract. It provides helpful information regarding conflicts of interest and confidentiality statements so you know how to best proceed in the case you decide to find another job down the road. 

According to Chron, the employment contract you have signed will discuss the process for termination and how the organization you work for decides the fate of employees who have breached their agreement. You will also find your responsibilities to keep sensitive information confidential from other sources who could use it to undermine the success of the company, as well as protocols to follow that will enable you to do your job without divulging confidential information. Your agreement and willingness to abide by the contract you have signed are also helpful in allowing the company you work for to continue building strong and trustworthy relationships with other companies in the industry. 

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