Going to work each day is a mundane part of life for many people in Louisiana. For lots of people, commuting the same roads, talking to the same people and completing the same tasks can get boring and dull. However, when people are part of an organization where they feel respected, appreciated and important can make a considerable difference in the motivation they feel to go to work, their productivity and their overall morale. 

Designing a workplace and implementing a culture where respect is the precedence is a task that requires organizational leaders to think strategically about ways that they can infuse their culture with the characteristics that are becoming of the values they wish to have their employees exemplify. According to smallbusiness.chron.com, one way that leaders can instill respect and encourage others to behave the same is to listen intently to people when they are talking, express interest in what is being said and provide meaningful feedback that demonstrates they were listening. They should also pay considerable attention to creating and enforcing policies that clearly define the consequences for poor behavior. 

Career Trend provides additional insight by suggesting that organizational leaders welcome and encourage participation in developing ideas for ways to further their company’s success. By drawing upon the expertise and skills of their employees and actively implementing their suggestions, they can show that they respect the opinions of their employees and appreciate their loyalty and participation in bettering the organization. Across the board, employees should be consistent in behaving in accordance with company outlined protocols and procedures. When employees observe management behaving in the same manner, they may be much more motivated to do the same.