Should you include everything in your will?

Should you include everything in your will?

On Behalf of | Jul 14, 2019 | Wills And Trusts |

You are looking forward to getting the ball rolling on your estate plan in Louisiana and have already talked extensively with your family about your plans. Your decision to proactively plan for your future is imperative to your ability to live your life confidently with the surety that your final desires are legally acknowledged and will be honored by your surviving family members. 

Writing your will is just one segment of your overall estate plan, but it is a critical part. This single document provides you with the opportunity to clarify where you would like your assets, possessions and other important personal items to end up after your death. Being as detailed as possible is more or less a matter of personal preference, but if you do not want to leave any gray area, the more details you can provide are going to be welcome for your family. 

According to ABC News, whatever you do not include in your will, will ultimately be left up to state inheritance laws to determine who will be the recipient. If you have sentimental items and people you desire them to be given to, it is imperative that you include everything, even the small things you own inside of your will. Equally as important is that you choose an executor carefully. This person will assume the role of seeing that your will is executed the way you have envisioned and clarified. This person should exemplify good organizational skills and be honest and trustworthy. 

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