When people hire a general contractor to work on their home in Louisiana, they typically sign a contract that clearly highlights both parties’ responsibilities. Such an agreement is critical to verify that there is no misunderstanding in terms of what is expected of each other and that all payments and obligations are met in a timely and effective manner. 

Unfortunately, there are definitely situations where some contractors deflect responsibility and perform a less-than-satisfactory job. In these situations, homeowners can be left feeling defeated as they fight to get the outcome they originally asked for, as well as compensation for any work that was not performed or was completed in a lackluster fashion. According to U.S. News, as soon as people recognize that the contractor they have hired is not doing what was promised, they should begin documenting their communications. This would include any failed attempts to get a hold of the contractor or confront him or her about the work. It may also include photographic evidence of the work that is unfinished or subpar. 

Houselogic.com suggests that if no efforts are made to amend the situation, that people consider working with their contractor to get him or her to agree to mediation. If everything works the right way, people may be able to reach an agreement with their contractor that is at least satisfactory until they can find someone else to complete the job. People may also consider hiring an attorney to file a claim against their contractor if any and all efforts to hold them accountable are in vain. In this type of situation, a legal professional may be able to gather evidence that the contract that both parties signed has indeed been breached.