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What are the primary advantages of trusts?

You worked hard over the years to leave a lasting legacy behind for those you hold dear, and now you want to see that as much of your fortune as possible goes to your Louisiana loved ones after your passing. While there are many different things you can do as you work on your estate plan to accomplish this objective, one popular way many people do so is by establishing trusts.

Helping entrepreneurs preserve continuity

Small-business owners in Louisiana, depending on the structure of their businesses, may need to consider the state's succession laws when planning for their organization's continuity. At the office of Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we make it a priority to help her clients craft estate plans that take into account their personal goals for their families as well as the futures of their companies.

Do my heirs inherit my debt?

One of the more common concerns involving wills and estates in Louisiana is whether beneficiaries could end up paying for debt. Although the answer to this question would be determined by the details of your case, it is not very likely that your heirs would have to take on your debts on your behalf.

Be aware of the risk of contractor fraud

Contractor fraud is a serious problem, especially after natural disasters. People who are less than honest come to those who are desperate for repairs on their homes or property. They tell them that they can complete the job and do it for a fair, and sometimes even unusually inexpensive, price.

Understanding “undue influence”

When a resident of Louisiana drafts a will, he or she must do so using his or her own free will, and if this does not happen, someone unhappy about its contents could potentially attempt to invalidate it. Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, recognizes that allegations of “undue influence” are a common cause of will contests, and we have helped many people involved in the probate process determine whether a will is or is not, in fact, valid.

If your parents die broke, are you liable for their debts?

Losing a parent can be one of the most difficult things you may ever face, and while losing a parent typically takes an emotional toll, you may, too have concerns about it taking a financial one. If your parent dies and leaves behind considerable debts, but no money to pay those debts, you may soon start receiving calls from debt collectors, and you would be wise to do your research before automatically believing the things they tell you.

Do business assets go through probate in Louisiana?

The question of whether a business has to go through succession in Louisiana is not a simple one to answer on a general basis. The answer depends on the value of the company's debts and assets, its ownership structure and several other factors.

Are no-contest clauses enforceable?

As you prepare your will, your thoughts will likely turn to the potential of their being discord amongst your beneficiaries in Baton Rouge over its terms. You certainly do not want to see them fighting over your assets, as your wish is no doubt to benefit them as opposed to creating unneeded tension. Some might tell you that the easiest way to avoid this is to include a no-contest clause in your will. A no-contest clause is language stating that any beneficiary who challenges the terms of your will risks the chance of having their interest in your estate reduced (or being disinherited entirely). 

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