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Electronic wills are convenient but have some disadvantages

Some Louisiana residents may be happy to know that electronic wills may become a reality in some states. The Uniform Electronic Wills Act is serving as a model for states that are interested in adopting a form of this legislation.

What remedies can be received for breach of contract?

Louisianans who have a contract with another person or entity do so expecting that the parameters of the contract will be adhered to. However, issues can arise for a variety of reasons and there could be accusations of a breach of contract. With this or any other contract dispute, it is important to understand what steps can be taken to deal with the situation. Perhaps litigation will be needed to settle the matter. Or there could be room to negotiate and satisfy the parties. Regardless, having legal advice with a contract problem can be critical.

Determining the right individual to assign as a trustee

A lot of work goes into determining if a trust is right for certain Louisiana residents. They usually work closely with an adviser to help them find the right trust, and they may do extensive research to be sure that the trust they have decided upon is right for their needs. One step that seems to be easy but may be a bit more complicated than one at first thinks is choosing the right trustee.

Estate planning complications in blended families

Blended families may face some complicated emotional and legal issues when it comes to estate planning. For example, some adult children in Louisiana might wonder what may happen if a parent decides to leave an entire estate to a stepparent and whether they would be able to inherit any assets.

Contract disputes and anticipatory breach

A breach of contract often takes Baton Rouge businesses by surprise. These businesses typically negotiate in good faith to reach agreements that further not only their interests, but also those of the other party to the contract. Yet, sometimes parties to a contract are unable to meet their obligations or they simply refuse to meet them. Regardless of why it occurs, a breach of contract can leave a business scrambling to secure much needed supply chains, services, goods, and performances.

Your effort to support business relationships may reduce conflict

Business relationships can be complicated at times despite your best efforts to establish boundaries and mutual agreements from the start. Reducing the chances that conflict occurs is something that you can do when you actively support and strengthen the relationships you have with other industry professionals in Louisiana. At Dale M. Maas, Attorney at Law, we are familiar with the challenges of maintaining professional relationships and have been able to help many businesses in their endeavors to create and grow beneficial partnerships. 

Articulating thoughts and desires clearly in a written will

People who take adequate time to write a will that effectively outlines their desires should anything happen to them, may feel a resounding peace of mind with the surety that their legally signed document will provide their surviving family members with direction and clarification. For individuals seeking to write their own will in Louisiana, they can benefit from recognizing the value of keeping their content understandable and organized. 

City of Baton Rouge looks to clarify zoning code

Land is only as good as the use to which it can be put. This is especially true in the business context. After all, commercial real estate that is too restrictive may cripple a business's operations, thereby stunting its growth and threatening its very viability. This is why business owners need to thoroughly vet all commercial real estate before taking steps toward leasing or purchasing it.

What is an implied contract?

Most people think of a contract as a written agreement between two parties that dictates their responsibilities to each other. This agreement may include work to be performed, goods to be supplied, purchase prices, and the length of time that the obligations will remain in place.

People who prepare for death can protect their loved ones

Many people wonder how planning for death is a productive thing to do. However, the people that actually do it and factor in decisions such as what will happen to their assets, who will close out important financial accounts for them, what will happen to their home and how any dependents will be cared for, can compile their thoughts in an estate plan. When properly coordinated, a legally signed estate plan in Louisiana is an excellent way for people to protect their surviving loved ones and to have peace of mind. 

How can you protect yourself during the construction of a home?

Building a new home in Louisiana is an exciting endeavor and one that can allow you to use your creativity and imagination to create a house that is perfectly suited for your family. To build a home that will provide shelter, safety and an environment for your family to gather and make memories, is going to require the workmanship and skill of various professionals. With the right people doing the work on your home, you can have confidence in its quality, durability and reliability. 

Land deal holding up commercial real estate redevelopment

Our city is in a constant state of development and redevelopment. At the heart of that expansion and revitalization are business people who are cutting deals to make change happen. Although from a distance these business opportunities seem to fall into place, up close it becomes apparent that they in fact require a lot of work to pull off successfully. This is why in many cases individuals who are engaged in business practices often seek guidance from an attorney who can ensure they are operating in their business's best interests.

What is a health proxy?

When thinking about the future, many people in Louisiana will often make financial decisions and name the beneficiaries of property and money, but not as many make decisions relating to their own healthcare. A health proxy is helpful in the event someone becomes unable to make important medical decisions, and it ensures family members and medical teams follow their wishes.

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